Craigslist Spam

I am selling an item on Craigslist and have been contacted a few time regarding the item. BEWARE, this is a scam. Don’t be fooled. See the text and phone number

+19146440077: Lexus LS430 OEM TOYOTA HEADLAMP AND FOGLAMP – $500 (Location) Is it available for sale? 1:18 AM
Me: Yes, the Lexus headlight is still for sale. 7:50 AM
+19146440077: Thanks for your response. what is the present condition and how long have you owned it? 7:52 AM
Me: It is in good condition. It came off my girlfriends car when she had some minor front end damage and the insurance company replaced it. I will have photos up today 7:54 AM
+19146440077: Okay, sounds good. But don’t worry about the Pickup. I will arrange the pickup. First of all do you have a PayPal account for the payment? 7:55 AM
Me: Yes I have paypal for the transaction. Make payment to 7:57 AM
+19146440077: am done with it.More so you will be notify by PayPal in your email address you use to link up the account after i make the payment,so just make sure you check 7:58 AM
+19146440077: your email often and often to confirm payment when it is completed.Await Payment 7:58 AM
+19146440077: Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and make sure you end the item listing immediately. I will be sending the payment shortly and i will text you when 7:58 AM
Me: I will await payment and further instructions for pickup. Thank you. 7:59 AM
+19146440077: payment confirmation email from paypal now and get back to me immediately,if they include a customer care service its good and fast if you wanna ask them 8:05 AM
+19146440077: I just made a secure payment and my account has been deducted so i need you go check your PayPal email and Spam/junk folder for the 8:05 AM
+19146440077: questions,thanks 8:05 AM
Me: I just checked for pungent and it hasn’t hit the account. I will keep an eye out for the PayPal notice and get back to you later today. Thx 8:09 AM
+19146440077: payment made….let me know as soon as you confirmed it 8:10 AM
+19146440077: Ok make sure you login your email address and check the inbox or spam folder am sure paypal will have sent you the confirmation of my 8:10 AM
Me: I use PayPal all the time. Thank you. Assuming this is not a scam, when I receive the payment I will contact u back. 8:11 AM
Me: The email I received confirming payment for the headlights was fake. Unless u make a REAL PayPal payment don’t waste my time. I need an email coming directly from PayPal saying payment has been received. 8:19 AM
I received this email. Don’t get spammed or fished or scammed.
Gmail - Notification Of New Fund From Andrew Davis (Transaction

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